Essay on Baby Boom: What was its impact on American society?

During the 1950s-60s, the US was at the peak of economic development. As the war was over, families got better life prospects and job opportunities. Baby boom followed as a natural consequence. Between 1946 and 1964, 76 million of babies were born. Today this figure still makes up 40% of the American population with all the immigrants of the same age.

Baby boomers changed the American society in many ways. First, they created the mass consumer demand for certain goods and services (toys, education etc). Second, baby boomers created a huge community that set cultural and social trends. Mass support of the Civil Rights Movement, protests against the Vietnam War, hippies, and feminism movement all took place because of the baby boomers.

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Essay on the Cold War : How and why did it originate? What were its effects on U.S. foreign policy?

As World War II was over, the US entered the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The nations that once fought as the allies came to the point where they had nothing but fear before each other. Stalin’s “red” tyranny posed concerns to all Europe, not only the US. The Soviet Union was particularly cautious about the US capitalism and nuclear weapons that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

For a long time, the US stuck to the policy of containment. They supported peoples who suffered from the USSR imperialism and were ready to apply force to stop communist from further expansion. The countries also started competing in practically everything. In 1949, the Soviet Union tested its own nuclear bomb, and in 1957, the country launched Sputnik to the Earth’s orbit. The US was submerged in the Red Scare, that escalated conflicts between citizens and the federal government.

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Essay on Manhattan Project: What were the reasons for/methods of secrecy?

The massive US atomic initiative, the Manhattan Project, developed as a response to German scientists creating a nuclear weapon in the 1930s. Before World War II has stricken the international community, a threat of nuclear conflict was already there. Besides Germany, the Soviet Union also evoke major concerns in the US officials. That is why developing a strong nuclear weapon seemed to guarantee safety to America.

In 1939, President Roosevelt declared the agencies that would work on the Manhattan Project. Testing of nuclear reactions was conducted in the remote areas of New Mexico, Tennessee, and Washington. In 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the president declared war immediately. At this time, scientists actively worked on developing nuclear weapons. In 1943, bombs were already built and tested at Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico. The Manhattan Project finished with the US nuclear attack on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These events pushed Japan to surrender.

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Essay on World War II: What were the contributions of women?

The wartime demanded urgent actions, both in the battlefield and in the homefront. By the 1940s, women have already reconsidered their function in the society. Having been excluded from social participation for centuries, women realized how much times have changed. Many housewives were eager to get a job and work for the good of their country.

Under the influence of propaganda, women joined not only workforce but the army as well. Rosie the Riveter became the iconic image of an American wartime woman. General George Marchall created the women’s service branch in the army, which for the first time in history gave females an official military status. Now women were not restricted to the homefront only.

Women actively joined the Women’s Army Corps, Marine Corps, and Airforce Service. Aviation was the most popular military branch among women. By 1943, women represented 65% of total workforce in the Airforce Service.

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Essay on World War II: What was the impact of propaganda and its use in the United States?

The US government used propaganda yet during World War I. Back then, propaganda received a dubious response. On the one hand, the Committee on Information was very successful feeding society with fabricated beliefs. On the other hand, a part of society realized that propaganda was undemocratic.

In World War II, the federal government decided to cut messages that contained little factual information. Nevertheless, issuing propaganda continued as it was highly important to the officials. Call to action helped involve more volunteers in the army and pushed women to take care of the war-time domestic economy.

Agencies like the Writers War Board and the US Office of War Information created and spread propaganda in World War II. Leaflets and posters were the most common channels for distributing propaganda. Newspapers, magazines, and television all contained a call to action as well. Support of the war was of an utmost importance, and government never missed a chance to remind people of their duties.

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