Essay on the Cold War : How and why did it originate? What were its effects on U.S. foreign policy?

As World War II was over, the US entered the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The nations that once fought as the allies came to the point where they had nothing but fear before each other. Stalin’s “red” tyranny posed concerns to all Europe, not only the US. The Soviet Union was particularly cautious about the US capitalism and nuclear weapons that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

For a long time, the US stuck to the policy of containment. They supported peoples who suffered from the USSR imperialism and were ready to apply force to stop communist from further expansion. The countries also started competing in practically everything. In 1949, the Soviet Union tested its own nuclear bomb, and in 1957, the country launched Sputnik to the Earth’s orbit. The US was submerged in the Red Scare, that escalated conflicts between citizens and the federal government.